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quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2014

Marsupilami - "Discography" (1970 - 1971) - United Kingdom / Reino Unido


MARSUPILAMI were an English proto-prog outfit who relocated to the Netherlands. The complexity of their music is quite unusual for the times - we're talking 1970 here, when the big guns such as YES, GENESIS and KING CRIMSON were barely coming out of the woodwork. A mixture of blues, experimental jazz and hints of folk, their music is often dark and foreboding, favouring perilously complex structures. Try to imagine a mixture of KING CRIMSON, JETHRO TULL, the STRAWBS and EAST OF EDEN.

Álbuns (1970 - 1917)

Their two albums feature weird/oblique melodies and harmonies, lots of heavy keyboards, electric guitar and flute (at times purposely off key), with the drummer pounding on his skins as if his life depended on it. This is very early prog and you particularly feel this in the organ work, which has a typical early 70's psych feel. Their second album, which features an additional member on flute and sax as well as the appearance of the Mellotron, is an ambitious concept album about the brutal culture of ancien Rome - quite a sordid affair, really, but well done. It has a slightly better sound than the first album although most progsters generally favour the first.

Fans of EAST OF EDEN or those interested in vintage prog will certainly want to check them out.

Marsupilami [1970]

01. Dorian Deep (Dave Laverock, Fred Hasson) - 7:36
02. Born To Be Free (Dave Laverock, Fred Hasson, Leary Hasson) - 5:43
03. And Eagle Chased The Dove To It's Ruin (Dave Laverock) - 6:38
04. Ab Initio Ad Finem (The Opera) (Leary Hasson) - 10:51
05. Facilis Descensus Averni (Dave Laverock) - 9:35
Total Time: 40:38

- Dave Laverock - acoustic and bowed guitars, vocals
- Fred Hasson - vocals, harmonica, bongos
- Leary Hasson - organ
- Richard Hicks - bass
- Mike Fouracre - percussion
- Jessica Stanley-Clarke - flute, female vocals
- Mark Edwards - producer

Format: Mp3 (320 kbps) = 94,8 Мb = Narod

Arena [1971]

01. Prelude To The Arena (Leary Hasson/Bob West) - 5:19
02. Peace Of Rome (L.Hasson/B.West) - 6:56
03. The Arena (L.Hasson/B.West) - 12:52
04. Time Shadows (L.Hasson/Fred Hasson/B.West) - 11:11
05. Spring (Marsupilami) - 9:12
Total Time: 45:43

- Fred Hasson - lead vocals, percussion, harmonica
- Dave Laverock - electric, acoustic, bowed guitars, percussion, vocals
- Leary Hasson - organ, piano, mellotron, tubular bells
- Mike Fouracre - drums, timpani, percussion
- Richard Lathan Hicks - bass
- Jessica Stanley-Clarke - flute, vocals
- Mandy Riedelbanch - saxophone, percussion
- Bob West - vocals
- Peter Bardens - percussion, producer

Format: Mp3 (320 kbps) = 106,1 Мb = Narod

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